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Cindy, Marin, CA

Christina, Martinez, CA

Stacy, Santa Cruz, CA

Jennifer & Mark, Marin, CA

Neha & Praveen, Fremont, CA

Roman, Richmond, CA

Laura, Berkeley, CA

Vana, Oakland, CA

Jack & Amanda, Bali

Deborah, Berkeley, CA

“I had the opportunity and privilege to spend over 2 hours in the EESystem at High Dep Wellness in Oakland, California. It is located in a comfortable setting and I felt relaxed upon entering the space. I soon felt a sensation in my crown chakra while sitting in the system followed by a sense of deep calm and release. I had just lost my father after a long illness and this emotional release of my grief was welcomed. After the two hours I continued to feel a sense of peace and tranquility; feeling one with the universe for several days following my visit. I look forward to follow up visits to address some specific issues for optimal health and overall well-being. I’m thrilled there is an EESystem here in the East Bay and so easy to access.”

Amanda, Bali

"Wow, I haven't felt this refreshed and rejuvenated in a while! Just took my salt bath. I feel amazing. Like this is a start of a whole new chapter. Honestly, before today I was feeling pretty funky and a bit confused for months. And now I'm feeling like myself again, excited for the future... Thanks again!"

Jennifer, Marin, CA

[Jen went to Massachussettes to care for her mother after her health took a turn for the worst in November 2021. She'll begin sessions at HighDep in January 2023.] [My mother] couldn't walk anymore when I got here on 11/30/22. I had to push her in a wheelchair from doctor’s appointment to doctor’s appointment, who weren't really doing anything for her :( After the first 2 hr treatment [in an EESystem] and a really terrible night of "detox" w/ charged salts footbath because she only has a shower)... the following morning she walked UPRIGHT out of her bedroom, over to the counter, got out a pot from lower cabinet (she could not lift before), and started making soup! Since this was all new to us as well, we had to figure out that the detox part is just as important as the EES treatment. And since she was so sick and in so much pain, the detox is that much worse for people like her. It was not that bad for me at all. Also, the 2 hr ride up to Georgetown Maine was very hard on her, and we also made the drive back the same night... However, we went back up there this past Wed 12/21/22, exactly 2 weeks later, this time for a 4 hour treatment. This time I also knew what to do to make her more comfortable. This time we rented a hotel with a bath, in Maine, a few miles away from the facility. So we did not have to do the return trip that night and also got to take a full bath with a lot more of the salt! The day of the treatment you tend to be radiant and glowing! Also you have mental clarity like never before, because this system works on the mind as well as the body. And so I saw a positivity in my mom that I had not seen in years, possibly in my entire life. As well as a new hope! The next day, however, [was] that much more difficult, because we had twice the treatment and also twice the detox. That is when the mind starts to play tricks on you that maybe it really isn't working, etc., because the body hurts… But that's where I come in, I am there to tell her [my mom] that yes, it absolutely is working! Because her weak, feeble voice came back to full strength of the strong, confident woman she always was! And also to remind her to just hold on, that the detox is the hard part, because the cells are releasing all of the bad information and disease that they have been holding all of your life. The sicker you are, the harder the detox will be. Make sense? But I had already seen a miracle! And I knew that it would only get better :) And I was right. By the 3rd day, instead of the drawn, pasty, skeletal look that her face had had (she's actually down to 107 lbs from 140, a bicycle athlete her whole life)... she had the glow of life back!! Her voice, feeble & weak, was vibrant & strong again! Basically, she looked more ALIVE, and I told her as much. I asked her to describe how she felt; this is what she said: "Well... it's not that I don't have any pain, I still do, all over (small fiber neuropathy, really vicious, + a shattered back in 4 discs in lumbar spine from being rear-ended by a tanker on side of highway in 1972)... However, you are correct--I feel stronger, more "ALIVE"... and the pain is less all around! What I mean is, it is bearable, it actually feels as though my body is actually REVERSING itself thru the deterioration that took over a year to occur..." She also goes to a chiropractor 3x/wk, a lady she's known since 2008, also helped raise her child (mom did day care too since the 80's). Dr Jennah's daughter is now 6. So Dr. Jenna has witnessed the deterioration that has taken place and also has been watching my mom rapidly decline. Truthfully that is why I came out here, to help make provisions for my mom, and to say goodbye to her Dr. Jennah is utterly flabbergasted! You know how sometimes we don't always see the improvement in our own selves, but it takes somebody else to see it and then tell you..? Well, that is what happened. Dr. Jennah is freaking out saying, "Leah! You are walking upright! You are walking by yourself and now driving yourself to the appointments with me! A few weeks ago you were barely able to walk when holding on to your daughter's arm, and also had to be in a wheelchair. I can see it, I can hear it in your voice! Something amazing is happening, and you must keep doing it!" Please do not forget, this is a process, and depending on how sick you are, the results will be different. My own detox was not bad at all; on the 2nd treatment the arthritis pain in my left thumb joint did flare up again briefly--my neck too - - for about a day and a half.. Though not as bad as it had been before the treatment. This is because the cells are releasing the toxins and disease on the mitochondrial level that they have been storing for our entire lives… the EES allows the cells to expel this stuff, and then rejuvenate. And so that is exactly what is happening - - the body is actually reversing itself through the deterioration that it has taken years and years to accumulate. Well I guess I've gone on longer than I thought lol. But it's so exciting I kind of can't help myself. Of course I have been telling —-- about this every step of the way, and now instead of bringing his friend, he's going to bring his 90 year old mom instead. She is actually a retired surgical nurse, an anesthetist, her whole life. And so of course she has her own challenges with being her age. We are all waiting with excited baited breath to see the effects that it will have on both of them!! Also on —--, who has recently been declining with dementia. Very sad as he was a brilliant man. We will bring him on a subsequent appointment. I also dream of bringing [another who is in a wheelchair]. I do not expect him to get up and walk again… but hey one never knows! I totally believe in this, because my mom and I are both living proof.

Stephanie, Richmond, CA

I usually wake up with headaches, sore, tired and not feeling rested and not wanting to get up. Last night went right to bed after my bath and had a very restful sleep and woke up at 6am with no headache, no pain and ready to jump out of bed and went for an hour walk with tons of energy. My right upper arm has a plate and 12 pins where the bone was fractured from a myeloma lesion and the last week has been causing more pain than usual. The first thing I noticed in the session is that my arm started having a lot of pain but it subsided soon. I think it was rearranging everything in there to homeostasis.

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